Clearing and Closure

Are you a person that likes everything neat, and clean or are you someone that's messy, untidy and impulsive?

Well, I would say I fall somewhere in the middle, but I classify myself as someone who's clean but not a neat freak; however, depending on the circumstance or the time of day, you might find a small pile of clothes in my bathroom entryway or by my clothes hamper depending on what I got going on, or a little dust on my furniture. You see, for the most part I live a pretty busy life and at times I have to come back and tidy things up because I don't have time. By most peoples standards, I keep a clean house.

I think it's important and healthy to treat our emotional state the same way. Clear from mess and clutter. It's important to access where we're at in these areas. This can be tricky because unlike our physical make up, our feelings and emotions can be obscure; hence, I'm of the belief that going unchecked it could lead to physical and mental breakdown. This is why I try to check-in with myself and process through different situations to make sure my actions are congruent with my emotional and spiritual being.

Before my husbands death I use to deny, avoid and bury things. But when my life was turned upside down, after his death, I had to learn how to better cope with unpleasant situations, which is why over the past 10 years I've been on this quest of personal discovery and personal development by facing my fears and finding my God given talents and purpose.

Just recently, I became involved in prison ministry. I'm only two weeks in, but it's been a blessing, as it's helping me to see the inmates as God's children no matter what sins they've committed or acts of violence they may have perpetrated on humanity. Moreover, this leap of faith has provided more clearing and closure for me than I ever thought possible.

In closing, I want my life to be hid in Christ by surrendering, abiding and even doing things that are uncomfortable. That's how you grow!

Please read Matthew 25:43-46