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Welcome to the RE START MOVEMENT!

On behalf of Covered and Kept Ministries, my name is Karen R. Johnson.  I am the founder and Director of Covered and kept Ministries and Originator of the RE START MOVEMENT!  I’m so glad you’ve taken time to read my blog because this may be the most important blog you will ever read.

You may be reading this post because you’re curious to know what the RE START MOVEMENT is all about, or because you’ve made a decision to change the course of your life in a BIG WAY! 

Food for Thought

Today I was surfing the internet to get the low down on food labeling and what it all means.  Now I’ve done this many times and will continue to do so because we’ re living in some very scary times and many things aren’t what they appear to be.  You see, deception is everywhere, and Satan wants to deceive us.  In order to live happy, healthy productive lives we need to wise up and understand that “the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy.