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The widow of 2006 shooting spree victim, television photo journalist Jon R. Johnson, slain in Elk Grove, CA, Karen has managed to transform her “from ashes to beauty” experiences, found her way and her divine calling. Karen, founder of Covered & Kept Ministries brings a fresh new approach to grief, giving people permission to Live Again!

Today, God has turned her tragedy into triumph, giving her a new life’s message. So many people, after suffering from life’s tragedies, simply stop living. Karen’s compelling life’s message of renewed hope and grace is giving people permission to simply live again. Jesus told His followers, he came to give LIFE and LIFE more abundantly.

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Founder of Try 7 Fitness for Heaven, Karen R. Johnson is an avid health professional with over 25 years of experience and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio, Television and Film from Long Beach State University. A Health/Fitness Motivation Coach and speaker she holds four national certifications.

Director of Covered & Kept Ministries

Karen’s growing ministry, Covered & Kept, is a spiritual based restoration outreach whereby individuals lives are restored and transformed into the image of God and will come to know Christ intimately. Karen’s work includes developing, teaching, engaging, mobilizing and supporting victims of crime, abortion and grief recovery to ensure a more abundant life. The ministry is guided by principals from the Bible:

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."
-John 10:10




In Covered & Kept, the Tearing Between Two Worlds, Karen holds nothing back, giving readers an insight into what it means to trust in God despite loss and terrible grief. This book will take the reader from Karen’s earliest experiences, through the night of the murder, into the courtroom, and beyond. Karen’s book will keep you captivated from cover to cover.

Covered & Kept Ministries - Karen R. Johnson

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Karen speaks at churches, conferences and events, around where her vision is to help facilitate restoration, and touch the lives of victims of abuse, loss and grief, as well as those affected by it.

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